« Impressionnistes! »

« Impressionnistes! » was played for the first time at the Montansier theater of Versailles in 2009. It was then selected as one of the performances of the Normandie Impressionniste festival in 2010. « Impressionnistes! » was presented in Pacy sur Eure, in Giverny (auditorium of the Impressionisms Museum) in the Charles Dullin theater of Grand Quevilly and, last but not least in the auditorium of the Museum of Orsay, in Paris, in the frame of the Claude Monet expo.

In autumn 1923, Georges Clemenceau visits his old friend Claude Monet at his home in Giverny. Together they will remember this small group of painters hated, vilified and treated as insane at the beginning. Gradually, despite criticisms of unprecedented violence, the Impressionist art movement will provide a universal message that overwhelms us still, 150 years after it started …