« A night in the Cruye forest »

I wrote and directed « a night in the Cruye forest » (une nuit en forêt de Cruye) to highlight the history of Noisy le Roi and Bailly, two cities of the Versailles surrounding. It was represented 4 times in 2010, out of which during the « Mois Molière » in Versailles.

Anna Ginod and Francois Leroy, two hikers from Saint Germain en Laye walk in the forest of Marly on a beautiful day in July. Night falls and they decide to camp there. They do not suspect they will live a crazy night where they will meet extraordinary people… Albert de Gondi, Claude Catherine de Clermont, King Louis XV and many other colorful characters will witness Anna and Francis of events in the lives of  Noisy le Roi and Bailly from the Middle Age to the present. It was not until morning that our friends understand what really happened and why fate has chosen to manifest itself …A complete show, theater and music, where the actors are singers to punctuate their dialogue excerpts from works by Mozart, Offenbach and Rossini, among others …