Theater and shows – Trailers

I grew in a family of musicians. My parents met in the Conservatoire National de Musique, rue de Madrid, in Paris. My father was a baryton and my mother a soprano coloratur. Dad was a member of the Choir of Radio France in the late 1950’s. Mum sang several times in the choir of the Opera.

I learned playing the piano with the same professors than my father, two Polish sisters, named Slo mczinska.Much later, I took singing lessons with the soprano Patricia Samuel and the Baryton Juan-Carlos Morales.

Since 2000, I am responsible of the Spring Music Festival of the Lions Club Noisy le Roi Bailly, near Versailles, in France. At the beginning, I hired pre-made shows. Progressively, I wrote original pieces myself, the first of its kind being « Valse », presented in the big auditorium of the UNESCO in Paris, in 2008. It was followed by « Impressionnists » in 2009.

At « A night in the Cruye forest » in 2010 I played the roles of kings Charles IX, Louis, XV as well as an old man. « Resistance » in 2011was my first solo performance on stage, with the Choir of the French Army.