A family of artists

My parents met at the Conservatoire National de Musique where both studied opera singing.

They married in July 1957. Here they are below… I like my Mum’s hat…

Mum and Dad 1957

My father then was hired at the Choir of the French Radio (now Choeur de Radio France) and my mother sang intermitently in several Halls in Paris.

On the pic below, the third hidalgo from the right is my Dad.

My father on the choir of "Violettes Impériales"

The poster of « La Bohème » of Puccini. My mum sang the role of Mimi and my father the one of Schaunard uder his pseudo of Georges Delsol

"La Bohème" of Puccini

Papa in Mogador…

Dad in the théâtre Mogador

First accessit in Singing Georges

First medal of solfege Sonia


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